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Hello out there...

I've just joined ... what a quiet community! But the title and topic both intrigue me.

Is anyone interested in using this community for a discussion of how we chose our families, or how we might go about defining what "family" means in the 21st century?

Looking for good discussions here!
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I am!
Tosses in hat for discussion. :-)
I am definitely game. My apologies for being a crappy moderator. I haven't done enough to get this place revved up.

I originally started this community out of a bit of necessity. My family of origin (read: blood/birth family) and I are quite distant..both in physical distance and emotional distance. It has gotten to the point where I don't really feel comfortable coming home for the traditional familial holidays, and each time I do, I regret it. So I decided I wanted to create a family of my own, made up of people who would love and respect me in all my intricacies. I thought for certain I wasn't the only one to feel this way, so I created a space on LJ to address it. I originally thought about it dealing specifically with people in Chicago where I'm based, but I think it's an idea that should take off internationally too. :)

Incidentally, my sibling of origin vehemently disagreed with this goal. According to her, only blood relatives are what constitutes a family and only those people will stick by one in times of trial. I think of her reaction as a larger issue..which leads to my preliminary questions. (Sorry to rattle them off)

A. How do we define family now?
B. How did we end up with the families we chose?
C. What's a progressive and thoughtful response to naysayers who believe in family definition as a purely blood or marriage type of construction?
D. In relation to C, what's a progressive and thoughtful response to naysayers who disagree with non-traditional families including but definitely not limited to polyamorous folks, biracial couples, GLBT folks, etc?

Thanks for your interest folks. I promise I'll be a better instigator for activity in here. :)